Club Run Leader Sessions

That's right, Run Leader Sessions are back!

After a long absence due to lockdown, we are pleased to announce that our Club Run Leader Session are back... although not quite in the same format as you're used to. Due to government COVID-19 regulations and England Athletics guidelines we've had to adjust the way we operate our sessions. So here's everything you need to know...

We will be using a new booking system to manage our sessions, called ClubPal. Members will need to register on this new system in order to view the upcoming sessions and to book a place. We will do our best to notify members when a new session has been added via the Facebook page. When you first register, you will also need to complete a COVID questionnaire to confirm that you are not showing any symptoms or that you've been in contact with anyone else that has the virus within the last 14 days.

Sessions will take place only in COVID secure environments, either at Staverton Sports Park, iCon field or Heartlands Business Park and are limited to 12 runners per session.

​Important – please read

  • Sessions are limited to a maximum of 12 runners per session.

  • If you wish to attend a session you must pre-book using our new booking system ClubPal. If you have not pre-booked you will not be allowed to participate in the session.

  • If, for any reason, you can no longer attend a session, please cancel your booking as soon as possible, so that the space is opened up again for other club members.

  • Due to the limited numbers, we would politely ask that you do not attend consecutive sessions, in order to give as many members as possible the chance to attend, however if spaces are still available before the session, feel free to book on.

  • Throughout the session you must stay at least 2m apart from your fellow athletes where possible.

  • Run leaders will be equipped with hand sanitiser for runners to use when they arrive at the session. They will also carry face masks and gloves in case of first aid treatment.

  • Sessions will remain on a Tuesday and Thursday where possible, however times and days may vary, so please check the session details carefully when booking.

  • Once your session has concluded, please leave the area promptly and do not congregate.

Please do not attend the sessions if any of the below apply to you:

  • You have recently been ill with any COVID related symptoms. 

  • You have been in contact with anyone with the virus within the last 14 days. 

  • You are feeling ill or under the weather beyond what would be normally expected at this time of year.

If, within 10 days of attending a session you are confirmed with COVID-19, you must report this to the club and also fill out the below England Athletics form so that they can begin track and trace.

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