Club Run Leader Sessions

Our Club Run Leader Sessions are designed for all ages and abilities and aim to help improve your running technique, speed and fitness. Our sessions take place twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, meeting at the rear of the Leisure Centre, or at the iCon building during the summer months.


The sessions vary from Hill Repeats, Intervals, Paced Groups and more and are organised by our qualified run leaders, with a pre-planned route around Daventry and approximately 4 - 6 miles.

Please remember to sign yourself in when you arrive at the beginning of the session and let the Run Leader or another club member know before you leave at the end, so that we can ensure everyone has returned safely.

March 2020

Some of our Club Run Leader Sessions involve running in a group of similar paced runners. Groups are numbered from 1 to 6 with Group 1 being 7 minute miles or faster, through to Group 6 being 11 minute miles or above. If you are new to the club and are unsure about which group to go with, please speak to the run leader before the session. If at any time you find yourself struggling to keep up with your group during the run, you are welcome to drop back to the next group, however we must insist that you do not run faster than your specified pace, as we don't want groups getting separated or any runner's getting left on their own.

Below is a brief overview of the sessions for the next month. Exact details, including a map of the route will be posted on our Facebook group prior to each session.

Tuesday 3rd March

Wayne Byles


Interval sessions involve a short periods of intense, fast running followed by a longer period at a slower pace to recover – great for building up your fitness, improving your recovery time and burning fat.

Tuesday 17th March

Wayne Byles

Hill Repeats

The dreaded hill repeats are exactly what you think – running up and down hills, with the effort concentrated on the uphill and recovery on the way back down. This is ideal for building muscle strength.

Tuesday 31st March

Paul McColm

Out and Back

You will set off a long a pre-planned route, running for a set period of time, usually around 20-25 minutes, before turning around and heading back in the direction you came, aiming to make in home within the same time.

Thursday 5th March


Run Leader Session TBC

Awaiting further details...

Thursday 19th March


Run Leader Session TBC

Awaiting further details...

Tuesday 10th March

Paige Hobbs

10K Paced Groups

Long runs are an essential part of training, helping increase your aerobic capacity as well as your muscle strength and endurance. This session will be a 10K route around Daventry running in your paced groups.

Tuesday 24th March

Neil Wills

Take the Lead

The idea of this session is to give everyone the chance to 'Take the Lead' and have a go at keeping the pace at the front of the group. Depending on the size of the groups, every so often a different group member will move to the front of the pack and lead the group.

Thursday 12th March

Daniel Clarke

Fartlek Session

Unlike intervals, where you stop or walk for recovery, Fartlek is continuous running at varying speeds. The idea is to increase your effort for a period and then drop back down to your usual pace.

Thursday 26th March

Paul McColm

5 Mile Route Alternative

Awaiting further details...

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