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Club Run Leader Sessions

That's right, Run Leader Sessions are back!

After a long absence due to lockdown, we are pleased to announce that our Club Run Leader Session are back... although not quite in the same format as you're used to. Due to current government regulations and England Athletics guidelines we've had to adjust the way we operate our sessions. So here's everything you need to know...

We are now using a new booking system to manage our sessions, called ClubPal. Members will need to create an account on ClubPal in order to view the upcoming runs and book a place on the sessions. When you first register, you will also need to complete a COVID questionnaire to confirm that you are not showing any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone else that has the virus within the last 14 days. Sessions may have limited numbers, so please book early to guarantee your place.


Types of runs we offer

  • Starting on Monday evenings we have our Trail Run. This allows runners to experience a bit of off road running around the countryside and trails of Daventry and surrounding villages. These runs alternate between a 5/6 mile route one week and a longer 10 mile + run the next week. This is a group run where everyone sticks together – perfect for beginners and seasoned trail runners alike.

  • Tuesday and Thursday are our specific Club Training Sessions designed to help improve your running by focussing on different types of runs. These sessions involve anything from Hill Repeats, Interval Training, Paced Runs, Team Time Trials and even a Military Bootcamp. These sessions tend to be around 4 to 6 miles and again are suitable for all abilities.

  • On Saturday morning, while the parkrun is out of action we have introduced our very own DRR 5K Time Trial. This is already proving extremely popular with members and takes place on a challenging course around the top of Borough Hill. This run is timed by the run leader and results are recorded. Plus, you can even enter your results on the parkrun website as a '(not) parkrun'.

Popular Routes

If you're unfamiliar with our more regular routes or you're looking for somewhere new to run, here's a few ideas for you to try:


Staverton Loop

Starting from Staverton Sports Park, exit the car park and proceed across the roundabout onto the Grange. Follow the road around to the right and go up and over the 'Curly Wurly' bridge. Cross the road and follow the path along the A425 to Staverton Village. Wind your way through the village or join straight onto Badby Lane. Follow the lane past some very large houses to the end before turning left onto the A361. Go straight over the flyover and then left back down onto the Grange. Turn left again and follow the road back to the Sports Park.


Norton Loop

Starting from the car park, run down Borough Hill and turn right at the bottom following Admirals Way round the Southbrook. Just before the roundabout join the footpath and head up the hill towards Norton. Take the first right as you enter the village and then keep right as the road forks. After a couple of hills, turn right and follow the path through the fields. Keep going straight until you emerge onto the A45. Take a right back towards Daventry and then right again through the industrial estate. Cut through behind the petrol station and head back up to Borough Hill.


DRR Winter Route

Starting from the Icon Building, head onto the Blackpath where the parkrun starts. Follow the path all the way along across Shackleton Drive and turn left at the end onto Heartland Business Park. Turn right and proceed to do a loop of the industrial estate. Head back along Brunel Close, cut through the trees and continue along Lamport Drive. At the end of the road turn right and head up the hill, taking the first left back towards the Blackpath. Again, cut through the trees and head back along the path in the opposite direction to which you came, until you return to the Icon Building.

We want your feedback!

We are keen to make sure our club run leader sessions are as fun and enjoyable as possible, whilst at the same time helping to improve your running, which is why we want to hear your thoughts.


If you've been to a club session recently, please spare a couple of minutes to fill in our feedback form, letting us know what you liked or didn't like about the session and if there's anything you think we can do to improve the session for next time.

Also, if you haven't been able to attend a session yet, we would still like you input. Maybe you'd prefer a session on a different day or in a different location, we'd love to hear your ideas.

Tell us what you think...
Please rate your sessionPlease rate your session

Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated!

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