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'Beginners & Intermediates – Club Ready' Social Running Group

If you want to start afresh, or return to running after a break, then why not think about joining our ‘New Running Group’. There's no charge for the course, all you'll need to pay is our Club Membership fee which is £20 for the year. If you choose to re-join any future Beginners or Intermediate groups during the same 'Club Year', you won't be charged twice, meaning it's just £20 for as many 10-week courses as you can do in that year!

What does 'Beginners' mean?

If you were thinking about doing a 'Couch to 5k' or perhaps joining a social 'Run Walk group' such as Running Mate, we can offer you both in one FREE 10 Week Social Running Course. And as a bonus, you will be a member of Daventry Road Runners and able to share in all the benefits of the club, including several local and online discounts.


We are calling our group ‘Beginners’ and we intend to offer (subject to demand) these courses in March, June and September. Each course is 10 weeks in duration, meeting every Tuesday at 6.30pm until 7.30pm at the Icon car park, just off Eastern Way. There is NO charge for the 10 weeks course, so why not come and join us, we are a friendly all-inclusive group, so what have you got to lose?

What does 'Intermediates' mean?

As an Intermediate, perhaps you have already completed our Beginners course, maybe you enjoy running 'Parkrun' and want to progress with your running or you might simply want to learn to run a bit further or a tad faster. If this sounds like you then our Intermediate group is perfect for you.


We all meet at the same place and at the same time, so switching between groups is always an option depending on how you are finding the sessions. As long as you're happy and having fun, then we are happy to have you take part.

NOTE: Minimum age for participation is 18 on the date the course starts.

Don't worry if you think you can’t run, we will help you on your journey to fitness. You won't be thrown in the deep end with the main club, this is a low-key group that is aimed at getting you into, or back into running.

If you want to join our next course, please email us at​

Course details

Course start date:
14th March 2023

Session dates:
Every Tuesday evening

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Course length:
10 weeks

Icon Car Park off Eastern Way



What if none of the above fits you?

At any point throughout the course, you are more than welcome to join in with any of our regular club sessions. These tend to be every Tuesday and Thursday evening, however we do put on additional sessions too. As you've already paid your £20 Membership fee, there's nothing further to pay, should you want to try some extra sessions.

You can book on to any session through our booking app ClubPal. We will make sure you are well looked after and that someone will run with you during that evening's run.


If you are unsure, perhaps you feel it’s a big jump, or maybe you're nervous about running with new people, then don't be. We are a very friendly, supportive, all-inclusive bunch and love to welcome new runners. Come along and have some fun.

If you would like any more information, please speak to any of the run leaders at our club sessions or feel free to contact us here and we will give you all the information you need.

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