Neil Wills

Social Secretary

When did you join Daventry Road Runners?

I originally joined Daventry Road Runners in 2012 I think it was, ran with them for a few years, then stopped to continue playing football. Since then I've given up football and returned to DRR in 2017.

Why did you start running?

I loved running from my school days, running cross country county championships. I use running now as a way to improve my health and help lose weight.

What is you biggest achievement(s) so far?

For me, my biggest achievement isn't a particular race or PB, it's the 13-stone that I've lost since running with club. I've done lots of great races over the last few years, but getting my weight down to somewhere that I am happy with is my proudest achievement.

Why did you decide to join Daventry Road Runners?

I chose to become a member of DRR because I enjoy running with people and good friends. Getting encouragement from others is a massive help and through DRR I got the chance to become a run leader and give something back to everyone that has helped me!

What race would you love to do, that you haven't run yet?

Of course, like most people I would love to run the London Marathon. It is a massive occasion and a dream for any runner I believe. I would also like to have a go at the Valencia Half Marathon – a fast and hot race.

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