Sakina Lovejoy

General Committee Member

When did you join Daventry Road Runners?

I started running for Daventry Road Runners in August 2018.

Why did you start running?

I used to run loads at school, then once I got into high school, life took over. After I had my 2nd baby my asthma got worse and my fitness was so bad I could barely keep up with my kids in the park and was always breathless. this is when I decided I needed to change and started the couch to 5K. I run now to keep my asthma under control and because I love feeling that 'Runner's High'.

What is you biggest achievement(s) so far?

My biggest achievement is running the Gloucester Half Marathon.

Why did you decide to join Daventry Road Runners?

I became member because everyone is very supportive and they always made me feel welcome, even with my slow pace. Daventry Road Runners is fun! Running has given me my freedom for a bit of 'Me' time and DRR a new passion.

What race would you love to do, that you haven't run yet?

I would love to do the London Landmarks and maybe one day attempt the Snowdon Marathon.

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